Music & Players

I am studying the Arabic, Classical Turkish and Persian music. My research is focused on the differences between the above mentioned musical theories, but also comparing them with Byzantine music. In learning how to play the oud, I have studied several methods from different Masters. My first method to study and one which I personally consider to be the best, was by Multu Torun (Turkey). A second and very good method to have studied was by Abdurrahman Jabakjl ( Syria). Lastly I have studied a method by Serif Muhiddin Targan ( Turkey ) who was a great master of the oud. I have also studied many recordings from soloists of the oud, such us: Farid al Atrache (Syria) whom the Arabs call "The King of oud",who represents an original mainstream Arabian form of playing. Riyad al Sunbati ( Egypt ) is better known as a great composer, having composed many songs for Oum Kalthoom and he is also well known for his virtuosity as an Oud instrumentalist. Munir Bachir ( Iraq ) who created a completely different playing style of oud in Iraq, but also, to that of other Arabian states. His style is composed by the use of (elements) from Flamenco guitar playing, and also from the tradition of Western Classical music. Hrant Kenkulian ( Armenia ) who represents the mainstream classic Turkish form of playing, and finally Giorgos Batzanos ( Greek ) who has left behind him a big musical treasure to the Turkish music history. Unfortunately, except Multu Torun, none of the above mentioned musicians are alive today. Also unfortunate, is the fact that many other great musicians of the past have died, and very little is known about their music. In my opinion, the man who currently reigns as the king of oud playing, is Naseer Shamma from Iraq, who continues the music tradition from the school of Munir Bachir ( Iraq ). I personally believe that Naseer Shamma has contributed and still continuous to offer great many things in the world of oud playing. I would like to suggest to all the young students of the Oud, to study, experience and learn great many things, from the above mentioned Masters of that most beautiful of instruments.